3 Way Handheld Selfie Stick For Gopro Mini Foldable Extendable Camera tripod stand Holder Portable Waterproof High Quality AT

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UseAction Cameras
TypeMini Tripod / Lightweight
Folded Length (mm)598mm
Max Extened Length (mm)190mm

3 Way Handheld Gopro Selfie Stick Foldable Extendable Camera tripod stand Holder Rack Portable Waterproof Selfie Stick Grip Gopro

Stretchable, waterproof.
Camera handle, swivel arm, or tripod.
The material is buoyant and can be used in water and on the surface of water.
3-in-One Function: Camera grip,foldable extension arm,and tripod for ultra-versatility.
High Quality: Made of high-quality ABS and rubber for greater strength and stability.
Tripod inside: Inside the handle there is a small tripod that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle.
Portable: Group photo-taking with quick length extension from 7.5 inch to 21.0 inch, portable and convenient to carry around, easily put it in your purses or pockets.
Material: PVC
Size: 20-62cm
Weight: 204g
Package Content:
1x 3-Way Handheld Selfie Stick
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